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CO2 Laser Marking

This machine is based on standard laser cutting machine, equipped with smoke purification filter equipment, which can effectively absorb and filter the  smoke, dust and harmful gases generated during laser processing. It has the advantages of uniform cutting, high efficiency, environmental protection, and simple operation.

Key Features

Technical Specification

Model                                           ORBIT +

Laser output power                      30W I 60W I 100W
Laser Source                                DAVI/ SYNARD/ COHRENT

Focus lens                                    F160 (standard) F254(optional)

Lens type                                      F160 (standard),  F254(optional)

Marking area                                100 X 100mm,  170 X 170mm

Marking speed                             14000 mm/Second

Min. character size                       0.2mm, 0.5mm

Beam Diameter                             1.8 - 2.0 mm
Wavelength                                   10.6nm

Pulse repetition frequency           1- 30kHz

Marking depth                              ≤0.016”

Galvo                                            High Speed Digital Galvo

Beam Divergence angle               7.5mm Full Angle

Power consumption                      1500W

Indication light                              Red light wavelength=650nm

Cooling mode                               Air cooling

Running temperature                   15℃-35℃

Electrical source requirement      110-220V/ 50Hz (60Hz) / 4A

Dimensions (L*W*H)                     650 X 700 X 1600mm

Weight                                          145 KG

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