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Jewelry Laser Soldering Machine

Introducing the Jewelry Laser Soldering Machine from Spectrum Laser Inc. This cutting-edge tool represents the pinnacle of precision and innovation in jewelry fabrication and repair. Engineered with state-of-the-art technology, this machine offers unparalleled accuracy and control, allowing craftsmen to perform intricate soldering tasks with utmost efficiency and quality. 

Key Features

Technical Specification

Model                                           JewlWeld

Laser output power                      100W/200W

Single Pulse Energy                     0-150 J

Pump Lamp                                  Pulsed Xenon Lamp

Laser Source                                 ND:YAG

Laser Wavelength                        1064nm

Pulse Width                                  0.1 - 20 ms adjustable

Aiming and Positioning                CCD and red light (Optional)

Pulse Repeated Frequency         1 ~ 50 Hz adjustable

Welding Spot Diameter                0.2 -1.3 mm adjustable

Power Stability                             ±1%

Operating Platform                       Touch Screen

Cooling Method                            Water cooling

Machine Dimension                      1000*1450*2300mm

Supported Application                 Gold, Silver, Rose Gold, Copper, Platinum, Titanium,                                                                      Argentine,Nickel, Aluminum, Stainless Steel etc.

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