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Fly Laser Marking 

The ORBIT + is laser marking printer especially matched for the automatic production line for flying printing & marking for the date codes or barcodes. Compared to the traditional inkjet printer, Flying Laser marking printer has zero consumption of any materials, no need ink, no pollution, no noise, energy saving and environmental protective. The ORBIT + laser machine has high speed and accurate system. It is suitable for HDPE pipe, LDPE pipe, Irrigation pipe, UPVC pipe, CPVC pipe etc.

Key Features

Technical Specification

Model                                           FLY MARK

Laser output power                      30W/50W/70W/100W

Focus lens                                    F160 (standard) F254(optional)

Controller                                      High Speed Marking Controller

Marking area                                100 X 100mm,  170 X 170mm

Marking speed                             14000 mm/Second

Min. character size                       0.2mm, 0.5mm

Min. line width                               50μm- 90μm

Wavelength                                   1064nm

Beam quality M2                          <1.6

Power stability(8h)                       <±1% rms

Pulse repetition frequency           1.6kHz-1000kHz

Marking depth                              ≤0.016”

Marking speed                             10000mm/Second

Repetition accuracy                     ±0.0001”

Power consumption                      1000W

Indication light                              Red light wavelength=650nm

Cooling mode                               Air cooling - Panel AC

Running temperature                   15℃-35℃

Electrical source requirement      110-220V/ 50Hz (60Hz) / 4A

Dimensions (L*W*H)                     650 X 700 X 1600mm

Weight                                          165 KG

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